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Night Hawk PAM System

MSeis Night Hawk III
MSeis Night Hawk III

The MSeis range of PAM systems – the 'Night Hawk' series, are high performance, flexible and modular, featuring inbuilt redundancy. Night Hawk systems interface with industry standard PAMGuard software.

The system has a proven track record of effectiveness and versatility. Night Hawk can be configured for lightweight requirements, from short towed array for shallow water applications; up to long length towed configurations for deep sea 2D, 3D and 4D surveys.

Night Hawk offers many advantages over 'in-line' PAM systems. Being an independent system there is minimal risk of streamer down time. Night Hawk systems run concurrently to streamer operations meaning no critical path time delays to the client. Night Hawk’s broadband frequency response enables detection of ultrasonic vocalisations up to 180KHz.

Night Hawk is installed and operated by MSeis employees or frequently used, trusted contract personnel that have been trained by MSeis. The combination of a quality system and experienced operators yields the best results in the field.

The Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) has issued PDFseismic guidance information, most recently updated in 2017 to help the industry understand its obligations when operating in sensitive areas. The Night Hawk PAM system is fully capable of meeting all requirements set out in these guidelines when accompanied by a trained operator.


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